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Future Vision
Art with and Heart
To build a Christian Based Recovery Center
To aid those suffering from addiction.

I believe in following your dreams 
My dream is to minister to those suffering from addiction
And help them live a life free from the things that bind them.

God has given me a vision to aid those who are bound by addiction. 
To build a recovery center / housing first facility.

I believe the vision will come by the work of my hand, 
And faith in what God has written on my heart.

I step out in faith each day trusting God to help me 
Fulfill the vision he has set before me.
 A special thank you to all of the individuals who support my work.
I am grateful for your love & encouragement.

Blessings, Tonya Smith

Much more to come! 
God is moving in a great way!
I can see the future and the future is Bright!
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